Company Profile


DSD Group is an internationally operating company with partners in Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Slovakia. The Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors are our core skills. For the past 11 years the company has been providing professionals according to the clients requirements on short- and long-term assignments all over Europe.

DSD GROUP is a flexible and dynamic company aiming to provide tailored solutions to its customers. It is very important for us to receive our clients perspective and this approach has been acknowledged by many of our notable clients. We focus our work in three areas, i.e. SERVICE, QUALITY of STAFF and COST SAVINGS. And, we are proud to announce an expansion of our services since together with our partners, the suppliers as a part of the team, we are now able to provide full-package solutions to you.

With our main specialization in the construction and metal industry, our company has successfully provided wide range of its services to companies such as the company JCB from the Great Britain and BӦGL & KRÝSL from the Czech Republic. Our strongest partners in Finland are YIT Rakennus Oy, Larmix Oy and Exoteriko Oy, in Sweden it is the company Sehed Fasad AB and Strabag Sverige AB. At the present our main goal is to strengthen our position within the labour market in the northern European countries, especially Finland, Sweden and Norway. We would like to be able to offer our helping hand to our clients anytime they need it.

How we work

We would like to offer our expertise as a subcontractor for your constructions projects with a promise to perform admirably on your behalf. Moreover, we are also able to provide manpower in the areas and on your demand we are ready to fulfill or change the required amount of workers fast and thus save your time and expenses. The employees we provide you with have rich experience obtained while working in their home country but also abroad. Wherever we work for you, we can promise a performance of high-quality work and labourpower with professional qualification and experience. We offer short- or long-term contracts always based on what our clients need and require.

We have English-speaking supporting coordinators in every country we operate in to manage all the legal, financial and technical details with great care for every unique client. They are responsible for a smooth running of our cooperation between us and you in order to ensure a successful implementation of the project.

Choosing a business partner is an important strategic decision which should be based exclusively on quality, service, price and suitability. With DSD Group you choose a strong dedicated partner who will accompany you professionally on your way to your success. Benefit from our experience.


DSD Group is able to supply a wide range of staff for all trade disciplines.

Our key people are highly skilled and
experienced since
"The best people create the best companies".

General construction, bespoke building and civil engineering projects are our speciality.